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Discovery Channel

On January 12th and February 7th, 2005 the Discovery Science Channel® broadcast a feature on us throughout our great neighboring country of Canada, and on nationwide cable TV here in the United States. It was a long clip, and lasted better than 5 minutes. We think it's terrific !!! Check it out.      

WikiPedia - The Free Encyclopedia

WikiPedia - The Free Encyclopedia recently put an entry about eXtreme croquet in their Encyclopedia. It covers what eXreme croquet is, how it is played, its origins, some rules, and a goodly bit of information about us as an example.      

Mystic River Press

The Mystic River Press recently ran an article on us based on our participation in the fund raiser for the North Stonington Lions Club. Written by Greg Benoit, it tells of the the game, the Society, and our fun with the Lions Club. It's well written, and we had a great time working with Greg.     

Hartford Advocate

The Hartford Advocate also ran an article on us in their October 7th issue. It was written by Joe Miksch, and gets down to the nitty-gritty of eXtreme croquet. It's a well-written, fun article and gives a hint of the madness that drives us (eXtremeists) all.     

Actually, this article was also run in the Valley Advocate, the Fairfield County Weekly, and the New Haven Advocate. Thank you, Joe.

National Public Radio

National Public Radio (NPR) - did a radio article about us in September. It was produced by Pippin Ross for NPR as part of their "All Things Considered" series. It aired on over 140 radio stations across the U.S.     

Physics Made Easy

We ran across three articles by a Physicist who explains quantum physics through examples using croquet. Get ready for a good laugh !!!     

Connecticut Magazine

Connecticut Magazine recently ran a short on us in their June edition. It is a really cute article written by Liz Acas, with a terrific illustration by artist Michael Witte. It will make you chuckle.  

WBUR - Boston University Radio

In April of 2004, WBUR - Boston University Radio did a radio article about us. The feature was aired on WBUR as part of their "It's Only a Game" series.  It aired on over 140 radio stations across the U.S., and Karen Given and Gabe O'Conner did a great job capturing the spirit of the game.

Extreme Noise Hazard

The return of the 17 year locusts: Not exactly music to your ears !!!
Periodic Cicadas will emerge in 16 states this year after a 17 year absence.


Best-selling author Dick Conniff (who also writes for Worth, Smithsonian, Architectural Digest, and National Geographic) wrote an article about the Society for the October 2003 issue of SMITHSONIAN Magazine. The article is extremely well written, and is exactly what you would expect from both Dick Conniff and SMITHSONIAN. The article captures all of the bravado, intense competition, and comaraderie of eXtreme croquet. It is an honor for us to be even a small part of Dick's and SMITHSONIAN's world.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

On June 11th, Ellen James wrote an article about us for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper. It sounds like Ellen and her friends played eXtreme without even realizing it !!!     We hope you enjoy the article.

Salon Magazine

In mid May Lynn Harris, writer and comedian based in Brooklyn, very much graced our Society by dropping by. She played some heady rounds of eXtreme, and wrote the following article about us for Salon Magazine (salon.com). Lynn's croquet game sucked, but she was really lovely and delightful! We loved her witty reparte'. Get ready for a truly creative and eXtremely well written piece of literature.

Nordjyske Stiftstidende

The Nordjyske Stiftstidende newspaper in Aalborg, Denmark ran a one-third page color article about us in its February 15, 2003 Saturday edition. It was written by Mikkel Andreas Beck, who graciously sent us a copy. We think it's a really nice article, but our command of Danish is not the greatest ... we can't read it.
But it doesn't matter at all ... our Danish friends can !!!

Qantas Magazine

We received an article written by Michael Blayney in Qantas Magazine about the authentic and totally Australian sport of trugo. It's played with a short but heavy mallet on a thirty meter green. It's kinda like a combination of lawn bowling, croquet and chopping wood !!! ... truly eXtreme !!!

The Hartford Courant

The Hartford Courant newspaper ran this full-page article about the Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society™ in its January 19, 2002 Sunday edition. It was written and photographed by Tom Brown of the Hartford Courant.

QuickSilver Magazine

This is an article about eXtreme croquet and the Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society™. It was written by British Freelance Writer Derek Workman for QuickSilver Magazine in its 2001 Summer Edition, and is reprinted here with his kind permission.

Media Requests

Want to write a cool article to provide interest to your readership?

If you are from the media and would like to write an article about eXtreme croquet, please contact us. We can supply you with an opportunity to visit us, play a few games, film or photograph the event, and give you tons of information on eXtreme croquet.

We will play eXtreme croquet for food, and will enthusiastically accept and grant all requests for publication.

We only ask for a copy of the publication, and permission to put it here on our website.

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