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Emmy Award Winning Clip

"Taking Croquet to the eXtreme"

On January 12th, and February 7th 2005, the Discovery Science Channel broadcast a film clip of us all across our great northern neighbor Canada, and on prime time nationwide cable TV here in the United States.

The six and a half minute feature was composed by Associate Producer Ian Connacher as part of the Discovery Science Channel's award-winning, one-hour long science magazine show - Daily Planet, and on Discoveries This Week in the USA.  It was filmed by cameraman Glenn Marlin and sound recorded by Rob Maerz, from Weisman Video.

Featuring interviews, field pieces and real-life experiments from across Canada, the United States, and around the world, Daily Planet and Discoveries This Week provide a fast-paced, enlightening and entertaining look at what is happening on (and off) our planet.

We think you'll really enjoy this clip. It's both amusing and informative. The best part is that it shows all of the fun and technical aspects of eXtreme croquet.

Windows or Other Media Player

Discovery Channel Film Clip

See the entire 6 min 30 sec clip.

(5,297 KB)

Originally broadcast by The Discovery Channel - Canada, on 12 January 2005
Film Clip Copyright © by The Discovery Channel - CanadaUsed with permission.

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