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Wedge Face eXtreme
The Wedge-Face™ eXtreme.

Our mallets are specially designed with a wedged face and machined for extreme play, which means they are able to take serious punishment under the worst conditions of terrain and weather.

Our mallets are made of 3.25-inch Polycarbonate with 1.125 inch birch shafts, pinned completely through the head and shaft with 0.25-inch steel rod, then glued with golf-shaft epoxy (many name brands out there). The heads are 10 long and the wedge is cut at 45 degrees. Also, we machine flat areas on the sides of the mallets to make it easier to use the side of the mallet in tight shots (near wickets, trees, etc.). Lastly, the wedge is NOT cut all the way to the bottom of the mallet. We leave a lip of approximately to keep the wedge from chipping (or, in the case of polycarbonate, bending).

The Polycarbonate is much tougher than wood, as we found over the years of development. Normally tough woods like iron wood, hornbeam, oak, etc. shatter in practically no time. Only the polycarbonate heads survived. Actually, we used to make them out of aeronautical grade 6/6 Nylon, but even they have been known to chip in the 20-degree January 1 New Year's Championship (played at 12:01 AM every New Year's eve).

Polycarbonate is noted for being literally bomb-proof. It is used in helmet material, bullet-proof vests and other assorted highly survivable objects.

It is way cool - the heads are transparent and really high-tech looking. We have totally switched over to using Polycarbonate in our mallets.

We have broken a couple of the birch shafts, but again only under the most unusual of circumstances. We are in the process of trying metal prototypes, in both shaft and head designs. Maybe polymeric liquid-crystal carbon-fiber next !!!

See our Mallet Gallery for a short history of the Wedge-Face™ eXtreme.

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