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Wonder Wicket Light

Recently the guys from Sound Design, LLC contacted us about a new gadget they've invented that looks like it would really be fun to use. It's called the Wonder Wicket Light !!!

It's a light emitting-diode that lights up wickets for playing at night.  

Yard Light Association Light

In use, a Wonder Wicket Light illuminates the wicket with a red light that provides a focused spot for shooting directly under the wicket, and a more diffuse light to the immediate surrounding area. In addition, a Wonder Wicket Light provides a bar of light across the wicket to indicate wicket orientation.

These devices were designed for low ambient lighting situations. For instance a backyard party with decorative lighting such as yard torches, strings of colored party lights, decorative shrubbery lighting, etc. This frequently provides "almost" enough illumination for Croquet to be enjoyed. The problem is usually the inability to see the wickets clearly, AND to determine if a ball has passed through a Wicket. This is where the WWL's shine, and you would benefit greatly from them!

Each consists of a light transmissible bar, an impact resistant red LED, a battery pack, and straps to securely fasten the unit to the wicket.

Our Review

Sound Design has sent us a prototype for testing, and we tested the wicket light yesterday (Sunday April 6th). The results:

The Wicket Light underwent the ultimate test: It was hanging from one of the regular size wickets and took a hard wedge shot right to the throat. It exploded into pieces like a starburst shell (we never even found the batteries which disappeared into piles of leaves).

We put new batteries in and put it back together. IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!!

It passes the CeCS test with flying colors !!!     5 smiles !!!

Bob Warseck

 Connect to the Wonder Wicket Light site.
Check it Out !!!

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