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eXtreme Croquet Challenge

The Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society™ and The North Stonington Lion's Club had their first First Annual eXtreme Croquet Challenge on Sunday, October 3, 2004 on the beautiful eXtreme terrain of the North Stonington Grange on Wyassup Road, North Stonington, CT.

The Lions Club raised approximately $2,000 at the event to build a walkway which will connect the town's recreation facilities.

SHUCKY–DARN THAT WAS FUN!!! Can't tell you all how much I appreciate your participation. New London Day and other media, you missed a great time! Mystic River Press had a ball and won a number of awards (well deservedly)! Must have been some big news we did not know about but we missed you!

Muchas Gracias to the Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society, Wickets of Mass. Destruction (Massachusetts eXtreme Croquet Society), Sonalysts Way-Cool-Wicked-Crotchety-Game Developers, A/Z Lady Ball Busters, JTK Mgmt/Steak Loft/Go Fish Team, Warehouse Wine and Liquors, State Rep. Diana Urban and Co., Paradis Family (2 Teams!!!), Cummings Crew-6 siblings who have practiced since birth and cleaned up on awards (be very afraid), Pond View Racquet Club, and the North Stonington Lions Club members.

Anyway, it seems a good time was had by all and some spectacular shots and interactions made for great camaraderie. We are already planning for next year and fine-tuning all the details. Any suggestions are welcome. We would like to develop a format that is not too overwhelming but allows each team to play more. Please e-mail me your ideas. Overall a success and those who did not stay thru dinner missed some of the best parts!! Many, many thanks go to all who were so instrumental in making this event fly and keeping me sane thru it all. The cocktail crews especially had a good time. Again, thank you all and see you next year !!!

A Very tired Lee

See our photo gallery
by Susannah H. Snowden

Awards and Prizes

Determined by Official Scorers and Timekeepers

  • Best Overall Team Score and Runner-up
  • Best Overall Individual Score and Runner-up
  • Media Division Best Team and Individual
  • Lions Division Best Team and Individual
  • Croquet Division Best Team and Individual
  • Corporate Division Best Team and Individual
  • Civic/ Service Best Team and Individual
  • Dead-Last-but-Finished (Team and Individual)

Determined by Roving Panel of Judges-Lion,/ Referees, and Spectators

  • Most Extreme Team Uniform- Teams are encouraged to dress creatively and still be recognizable as a team
  • Joie-de-vivre Award - Player who displays greatest degree of enthusiasm regardless of outcome
  • Most Creative Strategy Award– for mind-bending ingenuity
  • Most Extreme Shot Award- deliberate or accidental-but cannot be duplicated
  • Malice-Aforethought Award- for the player best exhibiting the true nature of the game
  • Grace-Under-Pressure Award-Player displaying best attitude under adverse conditions
  • Golden Mallet Award- deemed best overall player- custom mallet donated by the eXtreme Croquet Society
  • Ironman Award- Player exhibiting greatest degree of exertion and tenacity to complete play
  • Play-Through-the-Pain Award-Survivor of greatest number of bruises and/ or mishaps
  • Most Memorable Shot Award-The one everyone keeps talking about
  • Memorial Awards -named for any individual donating materials and equipment in excess of $200-for designation of their choice

Direct further inquiries for the 2005 Challenge by E-mail or snail mail to:

Lee Paradis, ChallengeChair
8 Rocky Hollow Road
No. Stonington, CT 06359
Birdierdh@aol.com (identify subject as: eXtreme Challenge)

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