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eXtreme Croquet Challenge


The Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society™
The North Stonington Lion's Club

Invite you to participate in our
First Annual eXtreme Croquet Challenge
Sunday, October 3, 2004
On the beautiful eXtreme terrain
of the North Stonington Grange
Wyassup Road, North Stonington, CT
(eXtreme weather or shine)

Important Stuff you need to know:

1. This is a Kicks–and–Giggles Just-For-Fun Fundraiser to support Lion's Charities and to foster general Good Will and Good Humor by way of Mayhem, Malice, and Spite

2. This is NOT your Grampa's Croquet!!! Oft described as "Croquet on Steroids", it is played over an impossible obstacle course specially designed to inspire sadism and abuse. Anticipate obstacles of every variety and plan accordingly.

3. You need no prior experience. We expect you have none. Conventional croquet experience may or may not be advantageous. Team practice and strategizing prior to the event may be advised.

4. You supply six team players with killer instincts and original team uniform. (Creativity is Key) You may use your own equipment (Traditional or modified) if you so choose.

5. We supply the site, Official Rules of the Game, mallets and balls (unless you prefer your own) and all other support. Also, an unofficial day of practice play and coaching with the Ct. eXtreme Croquet Society sometime in the month prior to the event. (BYOB)

6. Members of The eXtreme Croquet Society of West Hartford, CT, led by Arch-fiends Bob Warseck, Tom Jones, and Bruce Fitzgerald, will provide custom course design, Referees and Coaches, and limited use of their own custom eXtreme mallets.

7. Food will be available all day, including an awards dinner, by members of the North Stonington Grange.

8. There will be 5 separate divisions of play- Corporate, Media, Civic, Croquet Clubs, and Lion's Clubs with a limit of 4 teams in each division. First 4 Teams in each division to return entries will be sent Official Rules of Play and further information-get your completed entry forms in ASAP. The Four teams in each division will play simultaneously over six courses with a 45 minute time limit, at which time individual and team points will be tabulated. Beyond your team's allotted play time it is hoped you will help provide appropriate sideline suggestions, commentary, derision and abuse for the other hapless players as they carry on.

9. At the end of regular Division play there will commence a 30 minute Championship Scramble featuring the Winning teams from each division.

10. Awards and Prizes will be ceremoniously distributed during dinner provided by the Grange. Dinner tickets must be reserved and paid at the time of registration.

Awards and Prizes

To be determined by Official Scorers and Timekeepers

  • Best Overall Team Score and Runner-up
  • Best Overall Individual Score and Runner-up
  • Media Division Best Team and Individual
  • Lions Division Best Team and Individual
  • Croquet Division Best Team and Individual
  • Corporate Division Best Team and Individual
  • Civic/ Service Best Team and Individual
  • Dead-Last-but-Finished (Team and Individual)

To be determined by Roving Panel of Judges-Lion,/ Referees, and Spectators

  • Most Extreme Team Uniform- Teams are encouraged to dress creatively and still be recognizable as a team
  • Joie-de-vivre Award - Player who displays greatest degree of enthusiasm regardless of outcome
  • Most Creative Strategy Award– for mind-bending ingenuity
  • Most Extreme Shot Award- deliberate or accidental-but cannot be duplicated
  • Malice-Aforethought Award- for the player best exhibiting the true nature of the game
  • Grace-Under-Pressure Award-Player displaying best attitude under adverse conditions
  • Golden Mallet Award- deemed best overall player- custom mallet donated by the eXtreme Croquet Society
  • Ironman Award- Player exhibiting greatest degree of exertion and tenacity to complete play
  • Play-Through-the-Pain Award-Survivor of greatest number of bruises and/ or mishaps
  • Most Memorable Shot Award-The one everyone keeps talking about
  • Memorial Awards -named for any individual donating materials and equipment in excess of $200-for designation of their choice

2004 eXtreme Croquet Challenge

Official Entry Form

Team Name and Sponsor____________________________________________

Player NameAddressPhoneE-Mail

Team Captain __________________________________________________________________
Team Roster ___________________________________________________________________
1. ___________________________________________________________________________
First Alternate __________________________________________________________________
Second Alternate ________________________________________________________________
*Alternates Optional but suggested

We will ___ Will not___ Require the use of equipment (mallets and balls)

First four teams to submit completed Entry form and all fees will receive a Challenge Packet containing: Official Rules and Regulations, directions, and any other pertinent information. Final Deadline July 1, 2004

Corporate Division        Entry Fee           $100.00 per Player               Team fee total  $600.00

Pasta Dinner Tickets (Salad, Pasta, Beverage and Dessert) Player Dinners___@$10 Total $_______
Guest Dinner Tickets (Salad, Pasta, Beverage and Dessert) Guest Dinners___@$10 Total $_______
Grand Total $_______

Tax deductible personal or corporate check or money order made out to:
No. Stonington Lion's Club

We will be unable to play but would like to sponsor a __Wicket @$100 or__ Post@$200

Web would like to donate an award in the form of______________________Value $______  

Direct further inquiries by E-mail or snail mail to:
Lee Paradis, ChallengeChair
8 Rocky Hollow Road
No. Stonington, CT 06359
Birdierdh@aol.com (identify subject as: eXtreme Challenge)

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