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Colour Forces and Anti-Colours Quarks - actually a caffeine molecule.
By Sam Tudor
Essex, UK

Quarks come in three different colours: red, yellow and blue. This is necessary as the Pauli Exclusion Principle states that no two spin 1/2 particles of the same type can occupy the same energy state. In certain baryons, there were three quarks of the same type. There were only two different ways for the quarks to spin, and so the third quark should not be allowed, as which ever way it span, it would occupy the same energy state as one of the other quarks...unless there was another property called colour. The three different colours meant that the three quarks could theoretically exist together.

Quantum chromodynamics is similar to magnetism: similar colours repel and opposite attract. Therefore red repels red, but attracts anti-red. It will also attract blue and yellow particles, but less strongly than anti-red. Often, red yellow and blue quarks cluster to form "white" particles. All groups of quarks must be white.

The same may be true in croquet. The red, yellow and blue balls may exert an attractive force on each other, attempting to cluster together. This may well be the reason for balls appearing to curve off line on long shots. The second colours are in fact the anti colours. The white ball is anti-yellow, green is anti-blue, and so on. The force between the balls and their anti-coloured balls is even greater. Thus the balls seem to curve off line more when you are double banking on a lawn. Double banking can be dangerous for the balls. If a coloured ball collides with its anti-coloured ball (e.g. yellow and white), the two balls will mutually annihilate, producing a photon of electromagnetic radiation. The energy released is given by Einstein's famous formula, E=mc^2. If a photon carrying enough energy was created, it could instantaneously create a croquet ball and its anti-ball. Sadly, even at temperatures of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Kelvin during the Big Bang, there was not enough energy to create croquet balls!

Copyright © by Sam Tudor.   All rights reserved.

But we DID know that the Red Shift value of the last reflective surface in the Cosmic Background Radiation left over from the Big Bang is Z=1100 !!!


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