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News Flash
TV Sports Feature About
Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society
Wins Emmy® Award !!!

A sports feature about the Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society won an Emmy Award in 2001 from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for best three-series sports feature. (Yes, really !!!)

The feature was aired on WTNH - TV Channel 8, West Hartford Connecticut on prime time and late night news as part of a series of informational sports features. It was narrated by Channel 8 Sports Anchor Dan Thoene, and filmed by Channel 8 Cameraman Gregg Monte.

The Emmy Award was presented to WTNH - TV Channel 8 by the Academy for the best three-series sports feature.

This is an eXtremely prestigious award, and is truly a first for both eXtreme croquet and the Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society.

Emmy and the Emmy Statuette are the trademark property of ATAS/NATAS.

See the TV clip. Site Search Letters to the Society

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Extreme Croquet ... an intensely aggressive game, where the phrase "safe shot" has no meaning™ ...

What Is Extreme Croquet
Often called cross country croquet in Europe, extreme croquet is croquet on steroids. It can really be an outstanding challenge to any player. It is played not on lawns, but out in the wild. Easy courses can be layed out in a field, more challenging ones in a park. But to be a real aficionado, you have to take to the woods.
The Course
The field for extreme croquet is layed out like regular croquet, but the similarities end there. Extreme croquet is best played where the natural lay of the land provides an extremely difficult terrain. Gone are the manicured lawns of turf grass. Here is where the gullies, rocks and chiggers provide the crucible for champions. Our society prides itself on taking the game of croquet to its extremes. We like to take advantage of the varied terrain in our surroundings and choose the most challenging areas for our games.
The Equipment
Extreme croquet demands heavy duty equipment. The mallets used in regular lawn croquet are too flimsy, and are easily broken or shattered. It's not even uncommon to shatter a ball in extreme croquet. The mallets for extreme croquet are usually made with heavy-duty handles, and plastic or composite heads. Many players wrap their handles with various materials for grip or comfort.
The Society
The Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society was founded in 1984 in West Hartford, Connecticut, and has been enjoying an unbroken schedule of play and matches ever since. The Society still has its original Board of Directors, but its membership has increased 600% (from five to thirty) in that time (we are proud of our rules, not our growth).

We continue to choose very difficult playing courses such as woodland areas, lowland marshes, and sites with varied terrain. But our favorite courses are drainage basins, stream beds and uncharted jungle.

Over the years, the CeCS rules have become the "de facto" standard for those who prefer an intensely aggressive game, where the phrase "safe shot" has no meaning.

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